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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a teeth chattering cold night across the region and temperatures plunge into the teens. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. we are shivering, at least we're not shovelling. are are we? wyatt is here to explain. >> hey, kelly. i mean first things first. it is absolutely brutally cold out there right now. windchill factors down into the teens and colder than that in some spots. let's take a look at some of the numbers out there. just eight degrees is what it feels like in hagerstown at the moment. only feeling like 11 in baltimore. only feeling like 9 in york. and i want to show you maryland's most powerful radar as we watch this wintry precipitation as it pushes its way into virginia. take a look at this. this is what it looked like earlier on today. believe it or not down in texas, this is out of amarillo. same storm system bringing snow in our direction. a path of ice and heavy snow stretching from the southwest
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across the ohio river valley and now pushing its way into the mid-atlanta. the good news is this: the least here in the baltimore area, we won't see weather like that. it will be frigid. the snow coming in mud day tomorrow, but the heavy snow it looks like staying to the southern part of maryland. we'll talk about which counties get hit the hardest and where the part of this storm is going to go. as cold as it is tonight you have the heat cranked up in the home and that will lead to higher bills from pge. there is a way you might be able to save some money on your electric bill. christian schaffer is here with more. >> reporter: it is cold out here, kelly. but back in 1999, maryland deregulated its electric market. what that means is that you don't have to buy power from bge if you don't want to. the problem is over the years there hasn't been a whole lot of other good options. that appears to be changing now,
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and one of those options is constellation energy even though it's the parent company of bge. the newest entry into maryland's retail electricity market is a name you're familiar with, constellation energy now tells power directly to maryland consumers. >> this is what was envisioned back in 1999 when the marketplace was deregulated. >> reporter: it might seem strange that it has to compete with its parent company for your business. actually -- the utility is agnostic. it does not care if people shop for their supply of electricity. >> reporter: bge gets paid for supplying the electricity to your home. under a two-year play, constellation is selling electricity that's 14% lower than bge's rate. if you average $200 a month on your bill, your new bill would
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be $172, assuming you use the same amount of electricity, adding up to a savings of $300 a year. constellation isn't the only non-bge option. if you're thinking about switching, angie bar net of the better business bureau says don't forget to do your homework. >> read the fine print. it's no different than any other contract that you sign. you want to read all the details, terms, and conditions. >> conditions like what happens if you try to change your service again in the future. providers could charge you a fee, unless you move out of the service area. even though we've had the option to change electric providers for several years, it's still a new experience for most people in maryland. >> what we've heard from some marylanders responding to us is they were not aware of how long they were obligated under this contract. >> reporter: you probably heard about the $100 credit that pge customers will be seeing on their bill within about the next month. even if you decide to switch
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providers, you'll still get that credit. now, the backdrop for all of this is the talk in annapolis about reregulating the insurance mark. if there's more competition, even if the competition is provided by the parent company, it might appear that deregulation is working as it was intended. christian schaffer, abc2 news. and here's some tips that you can start looking at right now to help you cut down ton your heating costs. seal gaps around the windows and doors. install a programmable thermostat and keep it set at or below 68 degrees and change your filters every month. during his visit to baltimore today, president obama reaches out to his toughest critics. he urged the group to put aside partizanship to better serve the public. >> the only thing i don't want,
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and hear i am listening to the american people and i don't think they want, either, is for washington to continue being so washington-like. >> he began his visit with a tour of a manufacturing facility, the chesapeake machine company employs 40 people. they build solar panels. >> to see him, to say hi, to listen to his speech. it was a great experience for me. a once in a lifetime thing, and i enjoyed having a chance to meet the president. >> the president is calling for new tax breaks for small businesses like chesapeake to add more workers and today the administration got good news about the economy that it grew faster over the last quarter than it has in the past six years. maryland officials are cheering the navy decision to re-establish its tenth fleet
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cyber command and the jobs that go with it at fort meade. it will focus on efforts to defend the nation's computer systems from a cyber attack. military officials say that baltimore based navy hospital seats usnf comfort has reached its care limit. we're told the doctors, nurses, and technicians aboard the comfort have treated more than 3,000 people. in haiti, doctors and aid workers are running dangerously low on supplies, and of course that's complicating their efforts to treat an estimated 200,000 earthquake survivors who are still in need of surgical care. like most of us in this business, there's a television anchorage have watched these images every night. julie pierce is doing something about t she's a newly licensed nurse who is quitting tv news to
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help. and after anchoring for the last time this weekend she's off to haiti. >> i actually have the skill to do something about what i'm reading and what i'm telling to our audience. >> humanitarian missions are nothing new for this 29-year-old. just two weeks ago she returned from a medical mission in belize. a naked photo of a 14-year-old girl in a text message that ended up going viral. this story tops our look at our news from around the nation. it all started with a boyfriend of the girl involved forwarding it to others. >> she was embarrassed. hurt. i'm sure she felt betrayed. >> the school district in washington state is using the incident as an opportunity to teach students the consequences of sexting. the three teens accused of sending the picture could face
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child porn charges. it's bad enough to watch your dream home go up in smoke, it's worse when the volunteer fire department sends you a bill. >> $14,000. we were billed per minute per truck. >> these bills go straight to the insurance company but the home owner never sees it but the piper family says their insurance doesn't cover those services. the wind is blowing but the wind turbines in minnesota are frozen. specifically the hydraulic fluid. and we're not sure what kind of ice scraper you need to tackle this. a car caked in two inches of ice. a broken water main froze her car to the street. new research tonight out on cell phone use. it makes no difference in terms of reducing crashes if you're hand held or hands free. maryland currently doesn't have
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a bill that prohibits cell phone talking while you're driving having a hand held. it is known as girls' basketball equivalent of the turkey ball. a 44 year rivalry. it has to be played at towson university. just back from the hoops battle between the the institute of notre dame and our team. >> it comes down between two catholic girls schools. i've met a nun who has been to all 44 games and how the two schools are coming together in real life. the crowd is huge. about 4,000 people filled the towson center to see one intense rivalry. no one knows how it all began, but once a year they're ready for a rematch. >> a lot of players that come out here, they play like they've never played before, it's such an amazing environment. >> reporter: brian carter
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wouldn't miss watching his daughter, a junior point guard for mercy. >> there's no other sport like it and it gives the girls great exposure. >> reporter: alumni makes the game a friendly reunion. >> reporter: and even the boys say let's hear it for the girls. but andrew says they're on a mission. >> we're teenage guys, we like girls. [ laughter ]. >> no, this is a great place. i have a lot of friends that go there. >> reporter: the game was intense. mercy led most of the time and they won for the fourth year in a row but that doesn't stop sister marie charles from coming back. she's been to all 44 games. >> i think it's great. the girls all get to know one another. >> reporter: and this year the two schools found a common ground. graduates of ind and of mercy met through rings of hope in
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haiti, a home for severely disabled and abandoned children. lanie burson wrote a letter about her experience. a rivalry that prepares girls for the real game of life. >> and the final it score was 45-24. that makes 28 wins for mercy and 16 for ind. and while we're keeping the score, it attracts the largest crowd. it's not too late for you to get vaccinated for the h1n1 flu. 16 clinics will be offering free h1n1 vaccinations tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and you don't have to make an appointment.
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let me at this time dispel a myth, a myth that flu season is over. in fact, it's far from over and potentially can get worse. so to protect yourself against h1n1 flu, you must stay the game and take a shot. >> we're told the free transportation is available for baltimore county residents to go two and from the closest collin igs from their home. here's the number, 410-887-2243. and for more information you can log on to our website at, check out the right side of our home page under links mentioned on air, and we will connect you to baltimore county's website. well, toyota has recalled millions of trucks and cars for faulty gas pedals. so what happens now? what you need to know so you don't get scammed, an e-mail
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from your bank. and it is one cold night out there across maryland. 11 the windchill right now at bwi, and it is going to be wintry around here come tomorrow. we'll break down the storm and what impact it had have where you live straight ahead. (announcer) let's say you need a little advice sears personal shopper, can i help you? hi, i want a wii game th will make me sweat. do you like to dance? duh, uh uh... probably not boxing? only when provoked sword fighting ching, pah! chaa... oh yea.
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. a consumer alert tonight. honda is recalling nearly 650,000 cars worldwide. the driver side power window switch can paerm overheat and catch fire. the recall includes 2007 and 2008 fit, city, and jazz models.
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honda has notified customers. well, one analyst says toyota will have to pay $1 billion a month over the recall. millions of cars and trucks were recalled because of a gas pedal that can become stuck. toyota is shipping new pedals to the dealers to solve the problem but no word on how long it will take to finish the repairs. the consumer product safety commission is recalling princess and the frog necklaces. they say the jewellery has high levels of cadmium which is toxic if ingested by kids. they were sold at wal-mart for $5. you can return them to any wal-mart for a full refund or a replacement. what you need before you fill up your starbucks water
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bottle. here's john matarese with what you need to know so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: abc 2 viewers contact us about phishing scams every day. when a bank makes an announcement about these scams you know it's serious. fifth third bank is warning this week about a major increase in cyber attacks. it urges everyone, not just their customers, to be alert from e-mails appearing to come from the bank saying your bank will be logged unless you confirm your log-in. these are scams. do not respond to any of them. we have two recalls to tell you about involving a starbucks water bottle and baby strollers. starbucks is recalling these glass water bottles this year. the glass can shatter when you put the stopper in.
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stybex is recalling its strollers, the hinge can amputate a baby's's fingers. general motors is going after nervous toyota owners. they're offering a thousand dollars cash or zero per cent financing for those who trade in the toyota for a new car. it expects gn and other auto makers to actively try to win over disgruntled toyota owners. toyota tells its dealers they can't sell the cars on their lot until the gas pedal issue is resolved. go to for more on my reports so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. crews are working to fix a water main break downtown at franklin at utah street which is tying up traffic and has cut water to about 15 businesses in
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that area. dpw officials say the 12-inch main broke at 7:00 tonight when it was being repaired. the crews will be working through the night and hope to have water restored sometime tomorrow. . that's going to be a sheet of ties down there. not good. >> frigid stuff and i think about the polar plungers out there tomorrow, kelly, and you talk about a polar day to do it. water temp 37, air temp 17 first thing in the morning. >> no, wake-up call. >> let's show you the storm. we thought it would move just south of baltimore. that still looks like it will be the case. big-time store for richmond, dc will get more of it than we will. it's moving in through parts of virginia right now. bwi still dry. 21 degrees, northwest wind,
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brutal out there. we take a look at some of those numbers, yeah, 22 mile per hour wind gusts in the last few hours here. breezy conditions still. the steady conditions are 10 or 12. higher gusts earlier this evening. what it feels like on any exposed skin out there, getting dangerously cold in fact, 7 in annapolis, 5 above german town. feeling like 8 in hakerstown, hagerstown, any flakes that does fall will be sticking tomorrow. where will it be? we have a winter weather advisory up for these counties in blue, down through some of our eastern shore counties, and so on. it's as you go into deep south maryland, down toward calvert
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county, and south into virginia, heavier snow here, could see several inches. maybe even four, six, seven, eight inches down in virginia. nothing like that in baltimore but we'll see snow showers through the day. could make it a slick. drive with care tomorrow afternoon. here's the snow, down in virginia, west virginia. big storm we'll still get clipped bit northern edge of this system. very frigid air up and down the east coast. unseasonably so for january. the storm rides up that arctic air boundary and flies to our south. this big area of canadian high pressure is going to keep the storm just far enough south to keep baltimore from getting too much. overnight tonight, we'll stop it at noon tomorrow, best chance for snow. afternoon into the evening hours. we can see that creeps up into the central and northern maryland, most of it will stay south of us in the richmond
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area. but the eastern shores, maybe 2 to 4 down towards salisbury and ocean city. frigid out there tonight. into the day tomorrow, it doesn't warm up much. 22 degrees under a cloudy sky. that's it. bundle up big-time. snow showers possible but more as you head south towards washington and certainly down through virginia. tomorrow night, 15 degrees. just a few flurries remaining but it will be brutally cold, one of the coldest nights of the year tomorrow night. take a look at west of the weekend, sunshine back sunday, not much warmth. only up to 32. i don't think we get above freezing until probably monday afternoon. a cold weekend and definitely more snow as you go south of us. kelly. >> and in those temps, thousands will take the plunge tomorrow to help special olympics and heart warming will be the only warming. state police hold their annual polar bear plunge. brave souls will take a dip in the chilly chesapeake to raise
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money for special olympics maryland. ravens quarterback flacco, governor martin o'malley, will participate. it's at 8 a.m. at sandy point state park. what's left after two superbowls and a two time league mvp. hanging it up. kurt warner retires. you'll be surprised to hear how much retirement is going to cost him. [ mom ] my family and i love game time.
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host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob: elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. we've been hinting at it for a couple of weeks and today it was official, kurt warner has retired. it's been in the league for 12 years, winning a super bowl with the rams and the cardinals. the two time mvp will walk away with a year left on a two-year contract, $23 million on that
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contract. . this is your press box sports report. even though the maryland tear pins are alone atop the conference they face a tough test on sunday when they take on clemson. the terps aseem the acc lead when virginia tech beat virginia thursday night. the pro bowl will not be played in hawaii but will be in miami next sunday. the game has been sold out but over 30 players have been replaced for one reason or another. federer won today in the australian open semifinals reaching the final for the 18th time. murray will attempt to be the first to win a grand slam final.
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serena will take on henin on the women's final. this is your press box sports report. wow, that's a low price!
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. all right, quick check of the powerful radar. we see the snow moving into the richmond area. it will move northward up i-95. snow showers tomorrow. worst is anne arundel county southward. baltimore just getting snow showers out of this, but a cold wintry day tomorrow. >> all right. bundle up if you're heading out. that's it for us. you have a great weekend. thanks for watching and we'll see you on monday. [ mom ] my family and i love game time.
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and when it comes to the playoffs, we get together every year to watch it. with walmart's prices, i can afford all the food it takes to make everyone happy -- no matter how many times they come back for more. [ female announcer ] people who spent $100 a week at the leading national supermarkets on frequently purchased groceries could have saved $55 in just one month by shopping at walmart. [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does elmer fudd have trouble with the letter r? elmer: shhhh, be very quiet; i'm hunting wabbits.
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